Lake Nipissing Walleye Fishing - Ontario Canada

Lake Nipissing has a huge reputation for being one of Canada's best Walleye producers in both the open and hard water seasons. Fish are easily accessed in the spring and fall months both on the shoals and in the bays just minutes out in front of Bear Creek Cottages docks. Summer months find the Walleye moving just a little further out onto the deeper shoals, but can be caught at any time of day. Jig and a worm or a bottom bouncer and a worm harness are a couple very successful techniques to use when trying to land a meal of Nipissing Walleye. Swedish Pimples, Buck Shots and Williams spoons tipped with a minnow are sure bets through the ice on Nipissing. Shawn and his friendly staff at Bear Creek Cottages put their customers on walleye in the winter. They are constantly moving huts to freshen up holes and find fish. Guided trips are also available in the summer months and all gear and tackle is supplied.

Lake Nipissing is a large lake with many islands, weed beds and shoals as well as deep spots, and is well known as a Walleye factory. It's also on the border of central and northern Ontario. It's far enough north to have the same fishing productivity as northern lakes but far enough south to have a longer growing season thus producing more big Walleyes.

Walleyes are caught in all sizes. They are most common in the 1 to 3-pound range. There are lots of 4 and 5-pounders caught. On occasion our guests catch much bigger Walleyes. They are rare but Walleyes over 10-pounds do get caught. In a lake this size, there are Walleyes much bigger.

We offer Walleye fishing from spring to fall as well as ice fishing in the winter. It's difficult to say how many Walleyes can be caught in a day. Just like any lake, weather and time-of-year are major factors. With the proper techniques, you will catch a good number of Walleyes. If it's a day when they are not feeding well, you have other species of game fish to fish for.

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