Lake Nipissing Musky Fishing - Ontario Canada

Lake Nipissing has emerged as a must fish destination for muskie anglers from all over North America. Its abundance of rocky shoreline, open water shoals and shallow weedy bays make ideal habitat for some of the biggest muskies the world has to offer. Fifty plus inch fish are landed on a regular basis. Bear Creek Cottages is located right in the middle of all the action. There are many muskies caught right out our front door with structure as far as the GPS can see. The French River is also located just a twenty minute ride from camp if you decide to try your luck down there for a day or two on your trip. We also have professional muskie guide Shawn Degagne on site if you decide on a charter to help you land that fish of a lifetime. If you would like to try to land that fish of a lifetime on your own Shawn will be more than happy to lead you in the right direction to make your stay at Bear Creek Cottages a memorable and successful trip.

Muskie, also known as the Muskellunge, is the largest predatory fresh-water fish in Canada and Ontario is by far the hottest spot for catching them. Their ferocious appetites, reel-screaming runs and aerial acrobatics make them a very prestigious fish to catch.

Lake Nipissing and the French River waterway are well known for great Muskie Fishing. Muskies are constantly on the patrol for food and tend to follow the shoreline or hang around schools of Walleyes, thus moving between the river and the lake all year. Muskies are a challenging fish to catch. That's why people who enjoy Muskie fishing are usually Muskie fanatics.

Muskies in the 36 to 48 inch range are are caught on a consistent basis. However it isn't unrealitic to set you goal on a world class fish of fifty plus inches on Nipissing. Your best chances to land one of these monsters is from Early August through November.

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Please Note: The Cree name for Musky is Maashkinoozhe, which translates into "Ugly Pike", thus the name of the episodes above.

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