Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is home to Large and Small Mouth Bass and can be caught throughout all four seasons on Lake Nipissing. Yes, that's right, there is even a winter season for this fishery. The ice fishing season brings lots of bass up through the ice holes and makes for a great fight. Nipissing's South Shore has plenty of world class bass and Fishing Shows have and will continue to bring attention to the wonderful world of bass fishing on Lake Nipissing. The lake has perfect habitats, from fallen tress to Lilypad covered weed beds, and is waiting for you to cast, drop, jerk and reel in some monster bass. Whether it is catch and release, Smallmouths even make a fine shore lunch. Leeches go flying around Bear Creek's waters to entice the hungry and watchful eye of this fish species. Bear Creek Cottages can supply you with leech bait from our local Bowman's Bait if that is something you would like to try! If you catch your limit in Wallies, then go for a cast around some local weed beds or rock piles, for an exciting hook-up of the well-known energic and feisty bass.

Bear Creek Cottages Partners with Local "Nipissing Bass Series" Tournament

Bear Creek Cottages hosts several of the Nipissing Bass Series (NBS) qualifiers, that is held entirely on Lake Nipissing. The NBS is an elite series that has 4 qualifiers along with the NBS Classic Championship. It is open to all anglers that meet certain requirements. Additional information can be found at website, Instagram, Face Book, and YouTube. It is heavily sponsored event with great paybacks and Big Fish cash rewards. The max is 35 teams. Stay tuned for NBS media releases and come check out the big bass weigh-ins at Bear Creek Cottages or the other locations.

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