Lake Nipissing Perch Fishing - Ontario Canada

Lake Nipissing is a perch fishing hot bed, especially in the winter. The lake produces great numbers and even better sizes, with perch in the 12 to 14 inch range filling buckets and keeping steady bites on the hooks. Spring and fall are also good times to get into some good perch fishing. Just find some deep water and you will find perch at these times of year. Small spoons, tiny jig heads or even a plain hook and split shot tipped with a piece of minnow or pinhead are a great bet for landing limits of perch in the winter. Pickerel rigs tipped with small minnows or a jig and worm work best in spring and fall.

Yellow Perch, sometimes called Jumbo Perch because of their size, is one of the best eating species of fish in the world. Lake Nipissing is well known as the best place to catch lots of big Jumbo Perch whether it's ice fishing or in the summer. Blue perch are becoming more and more prevalent in the winter waters.

Perch in Lake Nipissing tend to stay deep in what many call the Perch Fields. Whether you are ice fishing or out in the boat, 30 feet deep seems to be the magic number for the big fat Jumbo Perch. Most guests just fish straight down with a hook and worm or minnow. Perch are easy to catch when they are feeding. In the summer they tend to like bright days while in the winter then feed better on dull days.

The regulations for Perch are 25 per day with 50 in your possession. This means Perch is the best way to keep lots of meat for the big fish fry. Guests who fish for Perch also catch Walleyes in the same spots using the same tackle even. They may be a bit time consuming to clean but there is nothing like the taste of the sweet fillet of a Yellow Perch!

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