Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing - Day & Sleeper Huts

Please contact for day fishing rates. They are only available mid-week.

Ice fishing packages are available from January 1 until March 15. We catch walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, and herring.

We now have two choices for our winter guests. We have packages that include a day hut that fit two to six people and transportation to and from your cottage daily. We also have Ice Cabins that are fully equipped with direct vent furnaces, cookstoves, and BBQ's. They also each have their own washroom and come with all the dishes you will need for your stay. They sleep up to four people and it truly is a great experience.

We now have twenty huts available to our guests: 10 Day Huts and 10 Ice Cabins.

Day huts are heated with wood and the Ice Cabins with direct vent furnaces.

All transportation is provided, unless of course you bring your own.

• Drilled holes are provided inside and outside.
• Bring your own sleeping bags, pillows and towels for both Day Hut and Ice Cabin stay
• Guests are responsible for their own tip-ups. Supplied tip-ups have been abused too much in the last couple years. Tip-ups will be available to rent for two dollars daily with deposit. Sorry for any inconvenience.
• Bait available at both the Day Hut reef and the Ice Cabin reef.
• Washroom facility at huts
• Ice huts are approximately 5-7 km from shore (south shore)

Six & Eight Man Ice Cabins - Overnight Ice Huts with Sleeper Bunks

We have 12 Ice huts. Some sleep four and the rest sleep six. They each have their own BBQ to cook on and also have cook top stoves inside. The six man huts also have propane ovens. All pots, cutlery, pans and dishes are supplied in the overnight ice cabins and cottages. All sheets are provided for the bunks, only a sleeping bag and pillow is needed.

They are all heated with direct vent propane furnaces that run off thermstats. The four man huts have four holes inside and the six man huts have six holes. We also have drilled hole outside for you when you arrive. Each hut also has its own facilities and tip ups are supplied . However bring your own line and tackle to rig them up.

Bait is also available on site. Our friendly, courteous staff is out to check on you and your group frequently in case of any needs you may have. If you have more than one hut interested in making the trip we will make sure to put your huts close together so that a minimal walk is necessary to visit with friends.

Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch & Whitefish is outstanding with good numbers and big sizes. Fishing after dark of first thing in the morning has been producing monster trophy Walleyes.

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Day-Use Ice Fishing Hunts

Bear Creek Cottages offers cottage and day hut packages on weekends and throughout the week. They include transportation to yuor hut in the morning and back to your cottage or car in the evening.

Wood is provided for the stoves and the fires are lit and the huts are warm when you arrive at your hut. Bait is also in your hut when you start fishing, we sell minnows for in between to and three bucks a doz. We drill all holes needed to fish and extras upon request for no additional cost. All hole are also pre drilled so when you show up all you have to do is fish.

Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch and Whitefish is outstanding with high numbers and big fish available.

To book your ice fishing package write or callus on our toll free number. Cottages do go quick so make sure to reserve the weekend you want today.

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