Lake Nipissing Bass Fishing

Lake Nipissing's bass population is thriving. Both Smallies and Largies can be sought after not far from Bear Creek Cottages. Actually we have a good population right off the dock at certain times of year for the kiddies. Hunters Bay and Fish bay are well Known Largemouth spots and are located just a two minute boat ride to the south of camp. Smallmouth can be found around any rock or island out in front of camp and there is no end to them. Rubber worms, spinner baits and topwater plugs are sure bets when it comes to landing some Nipissing bronze and green backs.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass are without question the hardest fighting fresh-water fish when you consider their size. Smallmouth Bass fly into the air as soon as you get them on the line and then they turn sideways and dig deep, thus giving you a great fight.

Smallmouth Bass are common in Lake Nipissing. You will find them just about everywhere but the larger bass tend to stakeout territories around shoals, islands and rocky points. Rocky bottoms are where their favorite food, the crayfish, can be found in abundance.

Smallmouth bass are common in the pound to 2 pound range. Guests who specifically fish for them will catch 3 and 4-pounders with the odd 5 and 6-pounder. Lake Nipissing is a big lake so there are monster trophy Smallmouth Bass that are much larger.

Smallmouth Bass in Lake Nipissing like crayfish, minnows, worms and leaches. They will also hit lures like Floating Rapalas, Junior Thunder Sticks, worm colored Tub Jigs and small spinner baits.

Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth Bass are common along the shoreline and in shallow weedy bays. Lake Nipissing is about as far north as the Largemouth Bass' range reaches. With this in mind, Largemouth Bass do not get big like they do down in the southern states due to the shorter growing season but you can still catch them in the 1 to 4-pound Range. There have been 7 and 8-pound bass caught by our guests but they are very rare.

Largemouth Bass do not feed as aggressively as they do down south so the traditional large spinner baits are not as effective as smaller lures such as Thunder Sticks and small Rapalas. Rubbers do work so a traditional Texas rig or Carolina Rig will catch bass. Live minnows, worms and leaches are the best for Largemouth Bass on our lake.